Vision and Mission


The vision of college derives from an Indian text of Sanskrit language;
"Vidya Devloka"
विद्या देवलोक:
This literally means knowledge leads to heaven via discipline, worthiness, wealth, good deeds, and joy. The objective of institution is to:To contribute in buildingknowledgeable and resourceful society through education. A foundation must be laid for inclusive growth. We have approached the new era with the hope of an impartial, peace-loving and cultured society. As an institution of higher learning we have responsibility to foster nation building spirit among learners.

Our vision is to concentrate towards character building and enable students to contribute towards society and nation at large. The institute envisions the learners to be inquiring minds, exploring new vistas and thus making them future leaders in the global world. Our vision is designed to empower the young minds with scientific temperament, environment awareness, cultural consciousness and self-affirmation.



To aim at wholesome development of students through education and making them responsible citizens with global proficiency and cultural cognizance
We at Government College Lambathach abide that mission by providing education for all the students coming from different strata of society with a rural backdrop and creating an amiable & conducive environment for learning.
Our endeavor is to equip the learners with leadership qualities, to foster community-interface responsibility and translate their learning into lifelong commitment towards society. We cater to the needs of our students by providing them resources such as library & laboratories and arrange career counseling for their better future. This makes our student a proud and a respected human resource to build a constructive society and inbuilt in them values like self-discipline, simplicity, sincerity and humility.


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