Core Value



  1. Truth: Truth is the highest human value which is eternal. It includes truthfulness, curiosity &quest for knowledge, spirit of inquiry, introspection, judgement, secularism, religions, tolerance, and universal truth.
  2. Righteousness: Righteousness is the second basic human value. It expresses for the good of one’s self as well as for socialgood. It includes obedience, duty, cleanliness, hygienic living, regularity, punctuality,proper use of time, dignity of labour, simple living, respect of others, service toothers, reverence for old age, self-help, self- support, self-confidence, initiative,resourcefulness, courage, leadership, faithfulness, justice, team-work, team spirit,equality, and self-sacrifice.
  3. Peace:The peace is a kind of natural and self-existent calmness.It includes abstinence, cultivation ofvirtues, discipline, honesty, endurance, integrity, self-discipline, self-control, self-respect, and dignity of individual power of concentration.
  4. Love: Love is a sign of expression of heart. It includessincerity, kindness, sympathy, tolerance, friendship, patriotism, and devotionhumanism.
  5. Non-Violence:It means refraining from giving pain to other by words, deeds,thought of feelings. It includes kindness, courtesy, good manners, helpfulness, fellow-feeling, gentle-manliness, consideration for others, unwillingness to hurt others,readiness to co-operate, appreciation of cultural values of others, compassion, anduniversal love.




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